WordPress Introduction For Beginners

WordPress is the most powerful, simple and easy to use CMS (Content Management System) to create stunning and professional websites/blogs wihtout any technical knowledge or web programming.

It provides a graphical tool to write content and add image or videos. You can create pages and posts without any difficulty and make them live as quick as possible. Easy to use drop and drop options for header, footer, menus and sidebars.

All the data is stored in a separate database which means that you can transfer your content from one site to another very easily. There are hundreds of thousands of beautiful and professional themes. You can simply change the look and design of your website in a few easy clicks wihtout losing any data.

Plugins can be used if you want to add any new feature or enhance the functionality of your website. The functionality can be as simple as embedding a youtube video into your posts / pages or turning your website into and e-commerce store.

These themes and plugins are available both as free and paid. You can find free themes and plugins on wordpress directory while paid ones can be found on some websites like themeforest.net or templatemonster.com

There are two variations for WordPress (.org and .com). Dot org is a wordpress directory where you can download the wordpress and install it on your own domain. You will have full control of your website, change the theme, design and functioanlity.

While dot com is a web portal managed by wordpress as a compnay. If you want a free website you can go to wordpress.com where they will host all your files and folders. You will get a very limited access and control when it comes to design and changing the functionality of your site.

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