How to Start Affiliate Marketing – Step by Step for Beginners

Here is a quick overview for beginners who really want to jump into affiliate marketing but dont know from where to start. This is a kind of step by step guide for beginners which list out few basic steps for affiliate marketing. This is offcourse not the final list and much more can be added. You are welcome to add your valuable tips and suggestions.

So here YOU go:

1- Choose a Niche
2- Find a domain name related to your Niche and create a website
3- Sign up for a Web hosting to host your website
4- Build your website by WordPress
5- Choose an affiliate program and pick a product related to your Niche
6- Create content on your website and promote the product
7- Get traffic to your website
8- Collect emails from your visitors and do email marketing

In short affiliate marketing is all about 2 things:

  • Finding out what problems people have and then providing them the solutions of those problems.
  • Getting trust of your readers by providing regular information and product receommendations.

Please add your comments below and share your experience about your affiliate journey.

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