How To Rank High In Google

By writing good content you can improve the traffic on your site and can get higher rank in google search results. Traffic increase by Google means more income for the site owner. 

So how you can write intresting content to attract visitor and get attention from Google? Here we share our best tips to improve your SEO by writing good content.

Keep simple by writing only about one topic per post

Google love unique and clear content. By writing only about one topic will also help readers to understand the message in the post. More engagement from readers will get the Google’s eyes and higher rankings in the search results.

Focus on one keyword you want to rank higher

Before writing about any keyword you have to know how big search volume is for that keyword and how many people are searching for that keyword. It is important to consider this factor otherwise it does not matter if you appear at 1st page in the Google or at 50th. To use your keyword 5-6 times in your text is a ggod approach. Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner are good tools to start with.

Give the content a clear structure

Google and visitors will appreciate a clear structure. It will help visitors to understand the topic while will make it easy for the Google to rank the content better. For SEO it is important to make sure that each page has mainheading (H1) and sub-headings (H2-H6) with the required keyword(s). Use of bulleted or numbered lists in the text will give a better clarification to the Google

Use SEO friendly URL and fix broken links

One rule of thumb is to keep your URL short and clear so that visitors and search engine understand what the page is about. To add keyword in your URL is a plus and can get your text to rank higher in the Google. Keep your link up-to-date and active as broken or 404 error links hurt both user experience and Google ranking.

Meta Title and Meta Description

Meta title is the heading you see in the Google’s search results. It should be about 60 characters long. Meta description is the short paragraph below the meta title. It should be maximum 150 characters long. Try to include your keyword in the meta title and meta description.

Understanding Google RankBrain Algorithm

RankBrain is a Google’s core algorithm which uses machine learning to determine the most relevant results to search engine queries. If you’re serious about SEO, you NEED to optimize your content for this algorithm. Check this article for a comprehensive guide about Google’s RankBrain.



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