How to Promote Your Business on Social Media

The biggest mistake an entrepreneur can do on social media is to DO NOTHING. Here we are going to discuss some tips and strategies you can use to get success and promote your business.

Before promoting anything on the social media you have to plan and ask some questions to yourself.

Why: This is the first question to ask, why you wanna promote your business, which problems it will solve.

What is your passion and mission. Social media can be used both for building your trust and increase sale if you have a clear business plan.

How you create interest and engage people, make them follow you and share your content.

Where your target group spend more time.

  • Linkedin: Good for B2B promotion. You can get attention here if you share your knowledge and expertise.
  • Facebook: It is becoming less popular among young and new generation is spending more time to other social platforms. But Facebook still have a big public specially middle-aged and older people.
  • Youtube: Video is more attractive than text and images. You can send your massage directly and influence them to make a purchase.
  • Instagram: It is more popular in teenagers and young people. By using beautiful images you can attract their attention.
  • Tiktok: Here you can deliver your message through a short and interesting vidoes. It is more popular among teenagers specially girls.
  • Twitter: It is becoming hard to promote product or get sales by twitter. It is more popular among young and middle-aged men.
  • Private Groups: Although there is not a big public in such groups but these can be very effective to target your audience. Because everyone here is highly interested in the topic they are sharing here.

Best time to post on social media

It is different from person to person and also depends upon which is your target group. But most people see the social updates when they wake up in the morning. Some would like to use the mobiles on train or bus on their way to work. Mid of the day can reduce the use of social media as people are mostly tired at this time. During evenings mobile traffic increases. Sunday evening is the best time.

The most important thing is to try and look at the statistics to see what works best for you and when your target group is more active at social media. With the right content and format you will attract the right audience.

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