How to Make Money by Amazon Associates

What is Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program by Amazon. You can make money by sharing the affiliate links from Amazon to your blog, site or any other way. When someone makes an Amazon purchase by clicking your links, you get the commission. In this article you’ll find a step-by-step guide to becoming an Amazon Affiliate.

How to register

To become an Amazon Associate, you must have an active website or blog with pre-populated content. After registration your account will be active for 180 days, it means you have to make at least one sale during this period otherwise your Amazon Associates account will be closed. However you can reapply to become affiliate again. Therefore it is recommended that you develop a good website and have some content on it.  Promote your website to get some traffic so you can make some sale as soon as you are accepted at Amazon.     

How to get approved at Amazon Associates

To get approved as Amazon Associates, you have to follow some rules otherwise you will be kicked off from their program by losing all the commission earned. Here are few things to avoid while applying for the program:

  • Don’t use word “Amazon” in your user name or email address.
  • Don’t put manual fixed prices with the affiliate products.

Amazon Associates Pros

  • Amazon is the oldest affiliate network and trustworthy for both affiliate marketers and buyers.
  • It’s free to join.
  • Millions of products to promote and you can pick any product.
  • 24 hours cookie time, mean your affiliate link will be registered at user’s browser and you will get commission if user buys anything during that period even that product was not your affiliate link.
  • Quick buy process as most of the buyers already have all the payment and shipment details on Amazon.

Amazon Associates Cons

  • Hard to make significant amount of money due to very low commissions (0-10%).
  • Need extremely high volume of traffic, lots of customers and expensive products like TV, cameras, jewelry etc. to make a decent amount.
  • Very short cookies time which is only 24 hours so no commission if user buys after 24 hours.
  • Approval as an affiliate is hard and you must have active website with content and some other details related to your website or business.
  • Account will be closed after 180 days if there will be no sale.

Effective ways to make money by Amazon Associates

To make a decent amount of income from Amazon Associates, you have to:

  • Promote a high priced product to get a reasonable commission.
  • Make review videos or write content about the high ticket products.
  • Fashion and Luxury beauty items pays you 10% commission.
  • Get an idea from Amazon Best Sellers while choosing a niche.
  • Get the targeted and steady traffic for your website to get more customers instead of just clicks.
  • Focus on customers and create credibility rather than just selling products and getting commissions.
  • Don’t just create a general e-commerce website with full of Amazon affiliate links.
  • Get some knowledge and specialization in the product(s) you are promoting.

How to get traffic to promote Amazon Affiliate products

  • You can join Facebook groups related to your niche and post some comments with your affiliate link.
  • Give helpful and related answers to the questions on Quora.
  • Start Instagram profile about your niche.
  • Make Youtube review videos about the products.

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