How To Do Keyword Research For Your Niche

Once you’ve learned about how to find your profitable niche, the next step you’re going to do is to dive into a little keyword research.

Your keywords are what you’ll end up building your website’s content around, and they’ll give you MAXIMUM traffic and MAXIMUM earnings with MINIMAL competition.

You have a great site and the best affiliate product in the world but have got NO SALE. Because customers can’t find your website. Keywords help direct people who might want your product to your affiliate site and offers.

Keyword research can be a fairly time-consuming process so we will give you some ideas which can make your life little easier. These ideas will certainly increase the traffic at your site and help to maximize the profit.

Brainstorm Keyword Ideas

It is a good starting point to brainstorm your keyword ideas on a piece of paper. You need to begin with your niche and sub-niches as a basic starting point. It’s important to evaluate your ideas as you go, eliminating irrelevant options, and using relevant ones in combinations wherever possible.

Look for Seed Keyword

Once you’ve got a few basic words and phrases in your brainstorm, now its time to build a more in-depth seed keyword list from it. Clickbank and Amazon are great places to look. You can get seed keyword inspiration by looking at different sales page at these sites. Google is another place to look for inspiration. Typing words from your brainstorm into a Google search will show you the top-ranking pages for those words.

Use Transactional Keyword

These keywords are words or phrases that include the indication of a sale, phrases like “buy” or “lowest prices on” to the beginning of a keyword usually means that people are browsing with that keyword to buy. Brad Zomick at Skilledup has a great info-graphic to demonstrate his point.

You need to avoid using only keywords which get conversational or social attention, and instead discover what will get more hits on the sales end of the scale.

Use Long-Tail Keywords

The more specific your keywords are, the more likely you are to get people who actually want your product. This is where long-tail keywords come in.

Avoid High-Competition Keywords

For the beginner affiliate marketer, it is a good approach to eliminate high competition keywords, as your chances of ranking high enough with them to be worthwhile are unlikely.

Final Keyword Selections

Make a final keywords list of the best 30-40 words. High search volume and low competition is the best choice. Add the transactional keywords in your list for getting higher level of profit potential. But remember to use only 3-4 keywords at a time in your post to avoid spamming and penalty from the search engines.

If you are already confident with your keyword process and aren’t looking for any more help, feel free to get started with the AffiloTools keyword research module at


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