How To Avoid These Mistakes While Sending Emails To Your Subscribers

If you are not getting good response for your emails sending to subscribers then think again. Are you doing the following mistakes?

  • Selling wihtout providing any value : If you sending emails to your subscribers only to sell and there is no tips, news or ideas in your emails, people will be tired of you.
  • Awesome tips but nothing good to offer : Your email includes a lots of great tips and ideas to your subsribers but you don’t offer them anything good to buy. Many people will buy if they get a proper guide and help about some products in the market which can solve their problems.
  • You write as salesman and not as a friend : Write like a friend to your subscribers, give them honest reviews and talk as you do with your best friend. Be personal and create trust.
  • You write only about yourself : Instead focus on how your offers can solve their basic problems and can make daily life better.
  • Boring subject lines : 8 out of 10 people will read your headline but only 2 out of 10 will read your email message. Be creative in your headlines and arise readers curiosity.
  • Infrequent OR Bombing with emails : People will forget if you won’t email at least once in a week. On the other hand if you send many emails only to sell them, will decrease the clickthrough while increase the unsubsribe rate.
  • Very long emails : In today’s stressful and digital world nobody have enough time to read long and boring emails. Be simple, consice and direct to the point. Think about Less is more.
  • No bullet lines and long paragraphs : People become tired of reading long texts. Using bullet points and short paragraph will help them to focus on the message and remember it in a better way.

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