How To Avoid Common Mistakes When Building A Website

Building a new website is a crucial step for your online business. Well developed websites will help to get the attention from people, give more customers and maximize the profit. It is important to keep few points in mind before launching your new website.

  • Domain name: Specific to your business or just a specific niche.
  • Right type of website: Blog, professional or online store.
  • Target Audience: Young, old, men, women, professionals. Structure your website and content based on target audience.
  • Create a sitemap: XML sitemap for better indexing and search engine ranking.
  • Website speed: Slow website increase bounce rate and reduce traffic. Less than 3 seconds load time optimal.
  • Performance measurement: Google Analytics to measure the performance and statistics about visitors.
  • Contact page: Let visitors and customers to be in touch with you.
  • Favicon: Helps to search easily in bookmarked pages and easy to detect among the open browser tabs.

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