How To Convert Your Visitors Into Leads And Then Customers

What happens when someone visits your website first time? Do you have any plan to convert that visitor into lead and then to a loyal customer?

Basics of Sales Funnel: First thing first, you have to know what is sales funnel and how a visitor of your site can be converted into a customer. Any customer unconciously goes through four basic steps before making any purchase.

  1. Awareness:  Get to know about which products exist in the market and where to buy them.
  2. Interest:  To find any reason to get that product. How this product will help me or solve my problems. Will this increase the quality of my life and many other questions come to the customer’s mind.  
  3. Decision:  Find more details about the product once customer finds the reason to buy it.
  4. Action: It’s the final step in the process; BUY or NOT BUY.

Isn’t that cool that you helped a person through all the 4 steps and turned a stranger into a customer?  Your job is just to guide visitors of your website through these 4 steps and create a win-win situation.

Let’s discuss how you can convert your visitors into leads and then customer by using different strategies.

Who is Visiting Your Website: It’s important to understand who is visiting your site and how to optimize content to make them convert. But it’s equally important to know where they are coming from. Google Analytics is a great help here.

Exit Intent Pop-Ups: These pop-ups are very popular tools and can increase conversions if deployed correctly. These can be used as:

    • Newsletter signup
    • Social media links
    • Exclusive content
    • Discounts
    • Free Stuff

For few users pop-ups can be annoying but if you give them authentic reasons to join then you can certainly get their emails before leaving the website. Sumo, ShareThis and WisePops provide some useful tools if you implement such kinds of pop-ups.

Live Chat: It is a great way to interact with the visitors and engage them by giving quick answers. By chat you can also collect more detailed data about visitors and offer them the targeted services. LiveChat, Olark, Drift and Intercom offer live chat products suitable for all kinds of businesses.

Contextual Calls to Action: These CTAs can be a very effective way to increase leads and help you to follow the visitors according to their interests.

Create Campaign-Specific Landing Pages: This strategy is very helpful if you plan to have paid advertisements. When someone will search on google or yahoo then your ads will probably be at the top if your ad copy will be similar to text at landing page. Search engines will consider this factor as indicators of relevance.  

Do something today that your future self will thank you for. If you want to learn more about how you can create stunning landing pages in minutes, convert your visitors into leads, follow them, provide valuable content and solve their problems then I highly recommend you to check this FREE WEBINAR.

Convert Your Visitors Into Leads and Then Customers